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Mickey beats up some homophobic pricks who jump Ian on his way on from work ANGST. Like REALLY beats them up. And Ian feels soooo safe and protected and Mick cuddles him in bed and kisses him and flufffff.



…I really liked that one. 

Prompt me, Gallabitches. 


"Hey! Hey faggot!"

Go faster, Ian, don’t listen to them.

"Hey little bitch! Why don’t you turn around and show us your pretty face?"

Shit, there were at least two of them. Ian wrapped his coat around him tighter, trying to walk faster without running. Why’d he left the fucking knife Mickey had given him at home!?

The footsteps came closer, as were the mocking screams. 

"Come on little fairy, we’ll let you suck our dicks afterwards!"

Ian made the mistake of turning around, trying to catch a glimpse of how many guys were following him, and the next thing he knew was that he tripped. 

He fucking tripped, didn’t fall, but his tripping gave his offenders the chance to catch up with him. 

All Ian could think was ‘Shit’.

Ugly faces, bald heads, black clothes. 

Ian tried to run, but they got him. One of them, broad shoulders, nose looking like it had been broken too many times, grabbed Ian by his coat. 

Ian tried to get away, pulling and dragging, trying to escape his grip, but then the other two reached them and… 

Ian knew he was strong, but he wasn’t that strong. 

"Let me go!", he growled, holding his head up with all the pride he could bring up over the fear that was clawing at his intestines, trying to sound as intimidating as possible. 

"Huh, that one’s gonna be a tough one!", one of the assholes chuckled, sending shivers down Ian’s spine. 

"Yeah, not like the last one, he was boring. Such a pussy, didn’t even try to fight back." The one that had grabbed Ian pulled him back, throwing him on the dirty concrete, violently gripping his jaw, causing Ian to cough and choke. 

They were standing around him, ugly cackling coming out of between their crooked teeth. 

Ian tried to crawl away, but a heavy boot hit him right into the ribs where a chair had broken them so many months ago. He panted, all the air had been pressed out of his lungs.  

The biggest one of them got down on his knees next to him, shoving his hand into Ian’s hair violently. Ian could smell booze in his breath when he spoke. 

"You’re one of those dancing fairies. Fucking queer, disgusting faggot, that’s what you are. And you wanna know what we do with little cocksucks like you?"

Ian spat at him, hitting him right in the face, an ugly, slimy lump dripping from the asshole’s cheek. 

He could see the rage building up between those black, tiny eyes right before he felt the hard punch in his face. Blood was dripping from his nose into his mouth while they were pulling him up to his feet, two of them holding him.

'Cowards', was the only thought that shot through Ian's head. 'Fucking cowards.'

"You’re gonna regret that!", the one Ian had spat on growled, cracking his knuckles. 

Ian closed his eyes, bracing himself for whatever might come next-

when he heard a voice that made his heart jump. 

"No, you’re gonna regret pulling this shit on my boyfriend, fucker.”

Ian had to admit, Mickey looked fucking badass, walking down the street with a baseball bat over his shoulders, light from a streetlamp shining on him from behind.

Ian’s offenders looked dumbfounded, baffled by this little thug casually strolling in their direction. 

"Let him go."

Spitface found his voice again. “Fuck off before we get you as well.” He eyeballed Mickey up and down, “You another of those fucking queers?”

Mickey tilted his head, not answering, giving him a teethy smile. “Let him fucking go or I’ll smash your ugly head in.”

The two holding Ian (clearly not the brightest tools in the shed), exchanged glances. 

Ian felt like he was witnessing the scene from outside his body. His nose hurt, his ribs hurt… but Mickey stood there like a fucking guardian angel. 

"You don’t seem to get this. This ‘faggot’ is my boyfriend. And if you touch him again, I’ll beat you up until you shit from the same hole as you eat." Mickey took the baseball bat off his shoulders, swinging it next to his leg. 

"You think I’m scared of a midget with a baseball bat? Especially one that likes to suck other guys’ dicks?!" Spitface snarled. "You’re a worthless little faggot and I’ll make you watch as we pummel your little ass fuckers face in." He stepped closer to Mickey, but not close enough to get him. 

"I don’t think so…", Mickey casually strolled even closer showing no sign of fear. Ian could see the insecurity in the offenders’ eyes. Mickey was confusing them with his apparent casuality, and their little brains obviously didn’t know how to deal with that. 

A loud, dull, ugly but strangely satisfying noise was to be heard when the baseball bat met Spitface’s head. He went down instantly, and at the same moment Ian felt the other two idiots letting off of him. They tried to escape, but Mickey got ahold of one of them, shoving him on the ground, kicking him in his nuts, forcing a cry of pain out of him. 

"Yeah, whine, little pussy! Three against one, that’s really fair, huh? But it’s not that funny now that you’re the one getting beat up!" Another kick, the offender was coughing blood. 

Behind Mickey, Spitface let out a groan, half-concious. Mickey turned around, ramming the grip of the bat into the bald man’s ribs with all his force, causing the offender to roll on his back. 

Mickey kneeled down beside him, just like Spitface had next to Ian before, grabbing him by the throat. 

"If you ever do something like that again… I’m going to get you, and I’m going to fucking kill you.", he hissed. 

Then he stood up, shooting one last, hateful glance at the dirty face in front of him before he stepped on Spitface’s nose, breaking it with a loud crack. 

Ian had sunken down on the concrete again, watching in awe. 

Mickey helped him get up, lightly touching his face, inspecting it with a critical glance. His hands, the hands that had beat up a guy twice his size just seconds before, were gentle, and Ian pressed his face in them.

"Are you alright, Ian?"

Ian tried to nod. 

"Come on, we’ll get you home."


Ian didn’t remember much of the walk home later, or the soft washcloth that Mickey had used to wash the blood off his face.

Now, Mickey was holding him, cradling him gently in his arms. 

"Thank you…", Ian breathed softly. 

"For what?"

"For… saving me. That was fucking heroic." Ian locked eyes with his boyfriend. 

"Somebody had to show them how it feels to be beaten up." Mickey gently cupped Ian’s cheek, placing a small peck on Ian’s split lips.

"How’d you even find me?"

Mickey shrugged. “I noticed that you had left your knife at home… so I wanted to… pick you up after your shift ended.” He cleared his throat. Ian would never forget what Mickey said next, voice hoarse and quiet, on one side because it was the most he ever heard Mickey talk about serious stuff, on the other, because what he said sounded like a fucking vow, and went straight into Ian’s heart like one of cupid’s fucking arrows. 

"After… after what happened with Terry, I swore something to myself. Never, never again will I let anybody hurt you, never again will anybody beat you up or break your bones. I will protect you as best as I can. You know I don’t deserve you, I never did, but somehow, you still want me, you still put up with all my shit, and tell me you love me at the end of the day, no matter what I do. I’ve told you to fuck off countless times, but you’re still here. You made me a better person, and the least I can do is to provide safety and protection."

Ian looked at him, baffled. Mickey pulled him closer. “Close your eyes and try to get some sleep, will ya?”





men took my little pony away from us girls so us teen girls are takin pro wrestling fuck yall just try n stop us


have fun fetishizing the shit out of *real life* celebrities. it actually makes the people who sexualize the shit out of children’s cartoons seem normal.

did you just imply being attracted to actual real human males isn’t normal but wanting to fuck cartoon horses is

I need to reblog this again because it still makes me laugh

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